What do gen z want in the workplace?

Gen Z, Workplace Expectations and Why They Matter to You

Introduction: What is gen z

Gen Z is the generation born between 1995 and 2012. They are the most diverse and technologically advanced generation we have seen so far. They are a generation of digital natives, having never known a world without the internet.

In this article, we will talk about what makes Gen Z unique, what they expect from their workplaces and why it matters to you.

Who Gen Z and What do they want in the workplace?

Gen Z is the generation after millennials. They are now entering the workforce and they have different expectations from their employers. They want to be challenged, to have a voice and to be given opportunities for growth.

Ethical Choices

A recent study found that Generation Z workers, who are currently between the ages of 16-24, were more likely to choose a company with a good reput1ation over one with high pay or benefits. This is because they care about what the company stands for and how it can make an impact on society.

They also want careers that allow them to make a difference in the world. In order for them to feel like they are making a positive impact, they need companies that are socially conscious, environmentally friendly and inclusive of diverse backgrounds.

Gen Z workers take the time to reflect on their values, beliefs and motivations for their career choices. They want to be able to have a voice in their choices of companies.

They are not attracted to traditional hierarchies and will use platforms such as LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram in order to learn about different industries and companies. Technology has allowed this generation to be better informed and updated on their options, providing them with education and unlimited information. This makes their choice of a career less reliant on happenstance.

Security and stability

Gen Zers put job security higher up on their wish list than previous generations. This makes them more likely to look for a job for long term, rather than fleet around short term jobs. Being more risk-averse has its advantages for employers as they are more likely to look for stability over financial gain. It’s highly important that organisations look to create job loyalty with growth opportunities, learning and development.

Left to manage themselves

Gen Z is the first generation that grew up with technology, and they have different workplace expectations than their predecessors. Gen Z is a very diverse group, but they all have one thing in common: they don't want to be micromanaged.

They want to be able to work on their own projects and be given feedback on an as-needed basis. They also expect more transparency in the workplace and want to know what's going on in the company outside of their department or team.

Training and development

With a higher level of anxiety, lower self-esteem and mental health than other generations it's important that employers keep training and developing their Gen Z teams. Despite having the highest school enrollment of any generation, Gen Z’s feel highly unprepared to begin their careers. Organisations that can provide on the job training to bridge these fears will be an attractive organisations for Gen Z workers.

Expect updated organisational practices

Gen Z has expectations from their employers for flexibility. This includes remote working and flexible hours.

They also expect to be able to use the latest tools and technologies for top performance.

What is the Generation Z Work Ethic?

Gen Z is also known as Post-Millennials or iGen. This generation is different from Millennials and Generation X because they have grown up with social media and technology. These two factors have had a huge impact on their work ethic.

The work ethic of Generation Z is not as strong as that of previous generations, but it is still an important factor in the workplace. This generation still values hard work, but they have a different idea of what hard work is. Instead of growing up working on their family's farm and doing manual labour, Generation Z grew up in a world where they can learn how to do anything with the click of a button and as such, they don't feel the need to work through physical tasks.

What are Gen Z’s work values?

Strong mental health

Generation Z workers feel it’s important to have a healthy work/ life balance. They put a high value on a healthy mind and mental health. Therefore typically will avoid stressful work situations.

Value Authenticity

In the age of social media and influencers, Gen Z can spot a fake and a genuine from a mile away. They’ve learnt that authenticity is far better to trust. Comparing this to the working world, Gen Z prioritises companies that are transparent and genuine.

Attract and retain the best gen Z employees and in return will make them loyal employees.

How are Gen Z workers benefiting the workplace?

Gen Z is a digital native who uses technology for almost everything. This makes them a desirable workforce for companies that want to engage with their customers in a digital way.

The benefits of working with Gen Z are numerous:

Advanced media and technology skills

First of all, they have an innate understanding of digital media and how it can be used to engage customers and employees better than any previous generation before them.


They are more open-minded than other generations which means that companies that want to create inclusive workplaces will find Gen Z employees very receptive and supportive.


Gen Z workers are the next generation of employees who have come of age in a digital world. They are often seen as the most innovative and entrepreneurial generation to date.

They have a different perspective on work than their predecessors. There is an ongoing debate about Gen Z’s value to the workplace, but they definitely bring some benefits with them.

For example, they are very tech-savvy, which helps them find new ways to improve processes and systems in their work environment.

They also understand how social media can be used for marketing purposes, which is something that older generations might not be as good at.

Thrives individually

The effectiveness of Gen Z workers varies.

A study by The North Carolina State University found that Gen Z workers tend to be more engaged than their older counterparts, but they are not as team-oriented as older generations.

Easily motivated

Overall, this group does offer some benefits for companies and management. They are seen as more motivated than other generations, which can make them more efficient.

The Gen Z generation is changing the way they view work and value its importance compared to their predecessors. The majority of this group are digital natives who have a different perspective on work than those who came before them. They are more motivated to complete tasks in an efficient manner and less inclined to conform than older generations.


What Does Generational Diversity Look Like In The Workplace?

While it’s important to think about hiring Gen Zers, how much generational diversity can be beneficial to the workplace?

Generational diversity is not just about the age differences in a workplace. It is also about how different generations value different things and have different needs.

Each generation has its own values, preferences, and expectations. To understand generational diversity, we need to look at the specific needs of each generation.

The Baby Boomers (born between 1946 and 1964) are known for their loyalty to employers and their willingness to work long hours without complaint.

Generation Xers (born between 1965 and 1980) are more likely to seek out new opportunities, even if it means leaving a job they have been with for many years.

Millennials (born between 1981 and 1996) will only stay with an employer as long as they are challenged or feel like they have a chance of getting promoted within a few years.

Considering all that we have discovered about Gen Z workers in this blog post, it is positive that employers look for generational diversity to attract different sets of skillsets and character traits. However, in doing so they may alienate certain groups of generational workers. One's whose traits are valued and needed within a team.


With Gen Z now ready to enter the workforce, we need to ensure it is ready for them. They are the future of our workers, so their happiness is essential. While they are vastly different to other generational workers, there are still many benefits to reap.

With the advancement and familiarity in their technology, they are the future of new innovations.


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