Top 6 Benefits of a Positive Candidate Experience

In this blog post, we look at the top 6 benefits of a positive candidate experience. Let's find out more...

If you’ve read any of our posts on the top candidate experiences, you’ll have heard of the inspiring recruitment strategies of Heineken, putting their candidates through an interview experience like no other. Or even Airline Eurowings, gaining applicants through the Tinder dating app! (You can find out more about these candidate experiences here).

These sound like crazy strategies- and they are, but they all have one thing in common. -They leave candidates with a very positive first impression and a memorable experience. Trust us when we say it will be worth the effort of changing your recruitment process to gain the benefits.

But don’t just take our word for it!

Outlined below, we are covering the top 6 benefits of a positive candidate experience to recruiters.

Benefits of a positive candidate experience

1. A strong employer brand

Companies who focus on a positive candidate experience typically extend these experiences throughout the organisation, earning a strong brand reputation, not just to candidates but existing employees.

Over time, this enhanced reputation will make the company a desirable place to work. found that a strong brand reduces turnover by 28%, as well as reducing the cost per hire by a massive 50%! With the addition of attracting 50% more qualified applicants.

2. Reduced time to hire

Better candidate experiences naturally shorten the length of hire time. Long gone are bloated paperwork, long wait times and lack of communication. The recruitment process is much faster and streamlined. They also tend to have much smaller candidate pools, making it easier and quicker for recruiters to go through.

3. Improved retention rates

Early on in the recruitment process, candidates will easily determine the company culture and values if there is a good candidate experience. This leads to improved onboarding and retention rates as candidates are familiar with the company culture and can easily determine whether the company is a good fit for them.

4. Advocacy increases

Candidates who are happy and satisfied with your hiring process will naturally be great advocates for your brand. - Even if they didn’t get the role! This is the same for existing employees. The great thing about employee advocates is they will typically advocate people who share the same values and ethos- helping recruiters save a huge amount of money on sourcing new candidates.

5. Employee productivity increase

Happy and satisfied employees will be more productive. This extends from a positive candidate experience. And as we mentioned above, companies who focus on creating positive candidate experiences typically will put these efforts into other business areas too.

6. Reduced recruitment costs

Whether shortening the recruitment process, tightening candidate pools, or using employee advocacy instead of advertising leads to dramatic recruitment costs being saved. You can read more about how to reduce recruitment costs here.

Benefits of a positive candidate experience

Creating a positive candidate experience won’t take up too much of your time and resources to begin. With careful planning and execution, it will certainly be worth all the effort.

The benefits far extend the recruitment team but affect your business overall, from your reputation to making dramatic savings on high recruitment costs.

To see how you can improve your candidate experience, read our blog post here: how to improve candidate experience in recruitment.

Top 6 benefits of a positive candidate experience

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