Top 10 Tips When Preparing for a Job Interview

When preparing for a job interview, you should be at the top of your game.

Take a look at our tips below on properly preparing for an interview and maximising your chances of success! 

Preparing for a job interview:

1. Review the job description

One of the first things you should do is research the role of the job you're interviewing for. It’s important to demonstrate to your interviewer that you know and understand the role and that your skills, experience, and qualifications can tie in well to the role. Demonstrating that you’re the ideal candidate and just what the recruiters are looking for. 

2. Research the company 

You may find that the interviewer will ask you what you know about the company. It’s essential that you can give them a great answer here. Your answer will let the interviewer know what type of person you are, how seriously you want the role and your dedication to the role. 

3. Find out about the company culture and values

Finding out about the company culture and values is an important step in ensuring that the company is a great fit for you and you for the company. You may find at this stage that you don’t actually agree with the company beliefs, which may make you consider applying to another company. But even better, you may find you love the company culture and see it as a great fit for you. 

4. Practice interview questions and answers

You must practice how you’ll answer interview questions. Now you can’t know what you’ll be asked in advance. Still, you can gain some idea by looking at the desired skills and experience required from the job description and looking at example interview questions that will ask about your experience in these areas. 

We’ve written a great post on how to answer interview questions using the STAR method. Check it out here.

5. Practice interview etiquette 

First impressions count! You will judge your interview etiquette as well as your answers. We’ve covered how to have proper interview etiquette here. 

6. Practice your speaking voice and body language

Sit with a trusted friend or family member and practise your speaking voice and body language. Get them to tell you honestly of the impression you give off. Do you seem nervous? Do you talk too fast? Are you speaking clearly and loud enough?  The more practice, the more confident you’ll be in your interview. 

7. Study your resume

A good interviewer will have read your resume before your arrival and may even make notes to ask you more questions about what you’ve stated on your resume. So make sure you know exactly what is on your resume and be prepared to expand on statements you make in your resume. 

8. Plan your outfit 

Plan your outfit before the day. This not only makes getting ready for your interview easy, but it will help lower your stress if you have your outfit cleaned, ironed and ready to go. The last thing you’d want is to spend your last-minute preparation trying on different outfits, washing or ironing clothes in a panic. 

9. Plan your journey ahead of time

Make sure you know where you're heading before the day. Take a test run of how long it takes to get to your interview and even plan alternative journeys if the unexpected happens. It is also crucial to ensure you leave with plenty of time to spare. It would be better to get there an hour early and sit in a nearby coffee shop with a book than to turn up last minute in a frenzy. Or even worse-late! 

10. Prepare your own questions

Your interview is a two-way process. As well as trying to impress the interviewer, this is also your opportunity to interview the company to see if they're the best fit for you. - Especially if you've been headhunted or approached to apply for the role.

At the end of the interview, your recruiter will usually ask if you have any questions for them. Just as you made time preparing for a job interview, take some time to carefully think about what you should know about the company to decide if they're suitable for you.

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