Top 10 Benefits of Video Interviewing

Top 10 Benefits of Video Interviewing

In this blog post, we will cover the top 10 benefits of video interviewing for recruiting.


Did you know the average length of the hiring process is 45 days?

By introducing video interviewing in the early stages of the recruitment process, companies can whittle down candidates easily and quickly. By eliminating the time and effort,, it takes for the recruiter to arrange and conduct multiple face-to-face interviews, days and sometimes you can save even weeks. 

Having a fast hiring process enables companies to hold onto top candidates and save dramatically on recruitment costs.


Companies striving to have a current company image through video interviewing are deemed more innovative by 98%!

Strong company images and reputation attract top talent.


Recruiters have the luxury of watching all submitted video interviews at their leisure. The video interviews are pre-recorded and sent straight to the recruiter from the candidate. Recruiters can watch may watch them as they’re sent in or one after another. That makes comparison between candidates much easier.


With video interviews presenting the same questions in the same order to candidates, the recruitment process enables a fairer experience. There is no waffling off on a tangent or asking leading questions to candidates.


Recruiters can jump for joy at the prospect of eliminating those no-show candidates. A lot of preparation, clearing of schedules, and arranging go into setting up a face-to-face interview. That’s why when a candidate doesn’t turn up for their interview, it can be a real slap to the face of the recruiter, never mind the costs that accompany it.

Video interviews are downloaded and sent by the candidate, so if someone decides not to record their interview, there’s no skin off the recruiter’s nose and no time wasted.


You can eliminate any travelling to and from face-to-face interviews with the use of video interviews. This can save the company thousands if used to expensing travel and overnight stays for talent to come and be interviewed.


It’s not all great news just for recruiters too. Did you know a 40% increased chance to be shortlisted for an interview if candidates submit a video alongside their CV?

One-way video interviewing is also great for candidates who are passively job searching. It can take away a lot from candidates who need to find the time to book an interview when they already have prior working arrangements. Recording your video interview at home at a convenient time allows candidates greater flexibility when looking to change career paths.

10.   Technical ability and attention to detail can be observed.

It’s the small details through using video interviewing that give recruiters an idea of the candidate’s candidate’s type of person.

If their camera, sound, and lighting are poor, this will negatively impact their technical abilities and even attention to detail. Not to mention the background and what can be seen from the recruiter’s perspective.

Candidates can easily make themselves stand out from the crowd simply by ensuring the small details seen in the shot are intentional. Adjust the lighting, seating position, eliminate background noise and ensure things you don’t want to be seen are out of the shot!

Benefits of video interviewing

As you’ve seen throughout this post, there are many benefits of using a video interviewing tool. As we are seeing more restrictions and lock-down being enforced, the necessity of video interviewing will only increase.

Find your reason to start video interviewing your candidates today!

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