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Are online recruitment portals necessary in recruitment? In this post, we'll look into online job portals, their benefits and why candidates and recruiters alike use them.

What is an online recruitment portal?

An online recruitment portal is a virtual one-stop shop where companies can post job vacancies and candidates can find those jobs.

'Job portals' or 'recruitment portals' are modern-day names for job boards. Established career sites such as Indeed, Monster, and SimplyHired are types of online recruitment portals.

Online portals are a popular form of online recruitment. Their benefits allow job seekers to find jobs quickly and easily. Enabling them to apply for jobs in a much more convenient manner. There are also some online recruitment portals that allow prospective employees to search for suitable jobs according to their qualifications.

Online portals benefit recruiters too. They enable recruiters to source, track, onboard and analyse new recruits, simplifying the recruitment process. Recruiters using job portals find candidates easily by:

  • Customising questions
  • Setting filters based on credentials
  • Automating the search filtering

The benefits of online recruitment portals

The recruitment process is usually an arduous task. It takes a lot of time, effort and money for both the employer and the job seeker.

With online recruitment portals, the process is much easier. The portal can provide a platform where both the employer and job seeker can find each other. And unlike traditional methods, there are several benefits to using an online recruitment portal such as:

1) Save Time – Job Seekers can now look at multiple opportunities from one place instead of searching different websites individually. This saves time and effort.

2) Matching Process - Employers can filter out unsuitable applicants before even starting the interview process.

3) Candidate Experience - There is no need to fill up forms repeatedly which makes the whole experience less stressful for job seekers.

4) Cost Savings - Companies don't have to pay job agencies to match candidates with job openings anymore. Recruiters can retake control of their recruitment process, matching the output of agencies without the high costs.

5) No need for long term contracts with expensive recruitment agencies.

6) Direct access to applicants - Employers have direct access to profiles of potential candidates without intermediaries.

How do online recruitment portals save time?

Online recruitment portals are an efficient way of finding a job. They save time by quickly matching the best candidates with an employer. Making it easy for both parties to find each other.

Save time for candidates

Job search in our technological world has never been easier. And it's made even easier with job portals.

Candidates only have to type in their fields and qualifications once. Saving them repeating all their details across every job board or job application. They can be notified of job matches to their skills and qualifications automatically.

Save time for employers

Employers will find a huge amount of their time saved too. One of the largest headaches recruiters will experience is sifting through pools of unqualified candidates.

By posting their job openings on an online portal, employers can use keywords to filter to narrow down the candidate pool. Saving an enormous amount of time selecting the right candidates to interview.

How do online recruitment portals improve the matching process?

Employers using online portals experience significantly improved their candidate matching.

Instead of the traditional ‘post and pray' method of advertising jobs, job portals foster real-time candidate matching. This is through the automated algorithm updates which match specific keywords between job descriptions and candidate resumes.

The online portals log all candidate details into the main database.

When employers prioritise certain qualifications, experiences or skills they can simply use keywords to filter down the candidates to the most qualified.

Likewise, candidates can search for jobs based on their skills and qualifications with job descriptions.

How do online recruitment portals save money?

Online recruitment portals are a great way for businesses to save money. By eliminating heavy advertising costs, money is saved without the need to print ads, billboards, or TV and radio commercials.

By using job portals, recruiters can skip using recruitment agencies who are known for costly fees and long contracts!


How will it improve the overall recruitment experience?

Online recruitment portals are an effective medium for recruiting candidates. A well-designed platform increases the number of applicants while saving precious recruitment time for other endeavours.

A recruitment portal has many functions that make the recruitment process easier. Job portals make uploading job details, creating job listings and posting new jobs efficient and easy. While also finding candidate profiles, monitoring applications and resumes, managing projects and portfolios is a breeze.

Recruitment portals help to save the recruiter’s time by automating most of the mundane tasks. This enables them to focus on higher-level activities to make better decisions about hiring a candidate or not.

How to assess the candidates on online job portals?

Reworking Customisable Candidate Video Interview Journey

Online recruitment portals are the most convenient and cost-effective way of connecting employers with potential candidates.


Candidates can apply to jobs, view their resumes, and create new CVs on an online portal. The system also provides automated assessments to ensure that the candidate's skills match the requirements of the job being offered.

The employer gets a chance to review each candidate based on their resume and CV before inviting them for an interview. This saves time and money for both recruiters and hiring managers.

Candidates can apply for more than one job at once from the same portal, which helps them prioritise their needs better. Candidates can also showcase their skills without any need for face-to-face interaction or long interviews.


Online recruitment portals only expose recruiters to active job searches. However, many of the top talents are not searching for a job. They are typically satisfied enough in their current roles to not be searching for new opportunities. Highly skilled jobs often rely on headhunting to find the best person for the role.

Recruiters could also miss some top talent candidates in the job portal by only focusing on certain keywords. Some of the best candidates may not have the same keywords in their resumes.

Recruiters also find that anyone can apply to their job posting, so some time is spent weeding out unsuitable applications.

Job recruitment portals are not popularly used for high-end jobs. The barrier to entry is too low, resulting in anyone applying to the job posting.


Offer an engaging interviewing process

Reworking interview multiple devices

Online recruitment portals have changed the way companies and individuals find each other. Companies can post an advertisement, while the candidate is able to search for potential opportunities.

Job portals intuitively identify the best candidate for the job. A good online recruitment portal will be able to do this by calculating skills, experience, and knowledge about the company.

Online portals also provide an engaging interviewing process, most effectively through one-way video interviewing.

With each job vacancy, an online link can be provided for candidates to access the video interview. They are asked a set of interview questions on the screen while they record themselves answering. Then it's automatically uploaded to the recruiter for review.

How companies are using online recruitment portals?

The job of the recruiter is not easy. They have to look through piles of resumes and sift through basic applicant information to find qualified candidates. With the help of a recruitment portal, they can post jobs, find applicants and assess their skills without much effort.

Ease of use

Online recruitment portals are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways for finding talent in modern times. The databases offer a high-quality candidate pool with no geographic limitations that can be filtered by skill sets and industries.


Where will your online recruitment take you?

The digital world is the future of job searching. We are seeing the growth of online job searching explode. Along with supporting technologies that speed up and dramatically improve the recruitment process.

For more information on the use of technology with recruitment, see a past post of ours, “Your guide to remote interviewing”.


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