One-Way Video Interview
Your time is valuable, hiring the wrong candidates is costly and CV’s don’t reveal the talents of the best people.
With the Reworking one-way video interview software, you can pre-set well thought out questions, sit back, review candidates video responses and select the best-fit candidates.
Capterra Five Stars
Save time
Instead of sifting through CVs, watch short interviews to see personality and assess suitability.
Ask Better Questions
Set well thought out questions and watch how candidates respond.
Candidate Experience
Completely customise your candidate experience and ensure your candidates can apply on all devices.
Eliminate no-shows
Candidates can apply at anytime from anywhere on any device – removing the chances of a no-show.
Automated interviews
Less of a need to perform phone call and face-to-face interviews with those who are not a right fit.

Quickly hire your perfect fit!

Reworking One Way Video Interview
One-way video interview

A simple, easy to use one-way video interview that not only saves you time but also gives your candidates the best chance to show off their personalities at the earliest stage.

Reworking Customisable Candidate Video Interview Journey
Customisable candidate journey

Reworking empowers you to customise each and every page in the candidate journey.

Implement your own brand guidlines to ensure your candidates experience the full personality of your company culture.

Reworking Intelligent Interview Candidate Screening
Intelligent candidate screening

Using Reworking innovative screening questions, your candidates are automatically sorted in order of suitability with a traffic light system – Green, Amber and Red.

time and respond faster.

Colleague collaboration

Invite your fellow colleagues to review, shortlist and comment on applications. Work together and find the best fit as quick as possible!

Reworking Interview Candidate Feedback Sharing
Candidate sharing

Share candidate videos via a secure, password protected link. Gain feedback at anytime, anywhere.

Reworking Video Interview Across Multiple Devices
Multiple device

Not only can you, as an employer, download the Reworking IOS or Android app to shortlist, accept or decline candidates, your candidates can apply via their phone or desktop. Reworking ensures all possible candidates can apply.

Alan Ockenden Reworking
Alan Ockenden
TXO Systems

Reworking is a brilliant software platform that has saved us a huge amount of time recruiting new staff! Engaging and innovative – we love it.

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