Managed Recruitment Service: Your Professional Hiring Partner

Whether you're struggling to find the right people or having difficulty managing the workload, Reworking's 'Managed Recruitment Service' will ensure your hiring process is as efficient as possible.

We can take control of every step of your hiring process - from building an exciting candidate journey with departmental welcome videos, to searching, screening and interviewing candidates; You'll not only save time but see higher-quality candidates.

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Reworking Personalised Job Interview Application Journey
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Tailor the applicant journey through one-way video applications, bespoke question packs and automations to save HR teams time and money

Managed Recruitment Service

We work with you to build the best candidate experience and attract the best talent.

Reworking is a brilliant software platform that has saved us a huge amount of time recruiting new staff! Engaging and innovative – we love it.


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Reworking Interview Video Solutions


Candidate journey customisation software that helps provide a better experience for your applicants, 'stand out from the crowd' as an employer and attract more & better talent.

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