Interview questions for a recruiter position

Are you looking for interview questions for a recruiter position?

Passionate recruiters recognise that people are their most valuable asset. This is why it's important to hire high-quality employees who form a foundation for the company. With great hires, the team will be able to grow in size and performance.

When hiring managers really care about the recruits they bring on to their team, the whole company benefits.

What is a Recruitment Consultant?

A recruitment consultant is a person who helps a company find the right candidates for their open positions.

They are usually specialised in a certain profession or industry and may work for an agency or for themselves. They have strong networking skills, are excellent communicators and have the ability to understand the needs of both employers and job seekers.

Recruitment consultants can be very helpful in finding the right candidate for your business.

Why Should I Consider a Career in Recruiting?

Recruiting is a popular career choice. It offers a lot of opportunities and provides you with the chance to work with people from all different backgrounds. Recruiters are in charge of finding the right candidates for open positions in the company and they are responsible for screening, interviewing, and selecting candidates.

There are many benefits to working in recruitment. It is a growing industry with a lot of opportunities for personal development. Recruiters work closely with talented people and help them find the right job for their skills and personality. They also have the opportunity to work with different types of industries, people and companies, which means they have a variety of experiences that can broaden their knowledge.

What Duties Does A Recruitment Consultant Perform?

A recruitment consultant is a professional who relies on their expertise to help companies find the right candidates for open positions. They can also help job seekers find the right company for them. Recruiters typically have a background in human resources, which means they have knowledge of the skills necessary to perform certain jobs. As well as an understanding of how employers can use this information to identify potential employees.

Recruitment consultants work with a variety of people and often specialise in one area or industry. They might work with people who are looking for employment, those who are hiring, or both. Recruiters may do some or all of the following:

  • Conduct research
  • Screen applicants
  • Interview applicants
  • Assist with selection and negotiation

How to stand out as a reputable recruiter

The recruitment industry is competitive but there are many ways to stand out from other candidates. This includes developing your own personal brand and networking through social media or events. Social media has allowed recruiters to reach out to people all around the world, so they can be exposed to different cultures and ways of life.

Traits to look out for in a recruiter position

If you are ready to hire a new recruiter for your team, there are a few particular traits that will hold you in good stead.


It's important that a recruiter is transparent with both a candidate and client (if hired by a recruitment agency). This is because honesty builds trusts. And dishonesty can lead to over promising, which turns to distrust, loss of reputation and business.

Communication Skills

A reputable recruiter will be highly efficient in communication. Bridging the gap between candidate and company needs is essential.

Organisation Skills

Recruiters also need to be very organised. There are many processes to ensure coverage in the recruitment journey between candidate and company that without careful planning, can sour relationships and reputations very quickly.

Resilience and dedication

The recruitment industry can be difficult. So any hardships and complications must be met with resilience to keep the recruitment process ticking within the timeframe.

Strong networking skills

A recruiter must also be able to socialise and network with contacts and industry influences well.

A huge part of recruitment networking is about getting your company message out there and creating recruitment opportunities beyond the job posting stage.

What type of interview questions for a recruiter position should be asked?

Questions that allow you to get insight into how a person performs in a given situation are important when it comes to hiring. Asking about how they handled these situations might provide an insight into whether that person would be the best for your company.

Interview questions for a recruiter position

1. What are your motivations for working in recruitment?

Understanding your candidate's reason for entering the recruitment field will give you a clearer idea about their future prospects in the industry. Also while demonstrating their passion for their recruitment career.

2. What is the key to a successful recruitment career?

In this answer, you are looking to see if the candidate can demonstrate their experience and knowledge of recruitment consultant skills.

3. How do you handle unsuccessful candidates?

It’s common in the recruitment industry to close job openings in a fast time, as this is how they’re often incentivised. While this is important, it often leads to a very poor candidate experience- especially for unsuccessful candidates. This can seriously hurt the company's branding and reputation. Most unhappy candidates take their experiences to social media for everyone to see.

4. In what ways have you used data to help you recruit?

Very successful recruiters are using technology and data to strategically hire best-fit candidates. This can start with knowing where and when to recruit from. Whether they use LinkedIn Talent Insights or other recruitment tools, they should easily be able to list some examples.

5. Give me an example of how you’ve built an employer brand, what did you learn from it?

Creating and maintaining a positive employer branding strategy is an important step in the recruitment process. If you’re looking for an experienced recruiter, you should know if they are capable of understanding the branding side of recruitment.

6. In your experience, what has been your stick rate for new hires?

Instead of focusing on hiring quickly, recruiters should look to aim for long-term suitable candidates to reduce turnover rates. Consideration should be taken for different industries where turnover is naturally higher.

7. How did you identify and attract top-performing candidates in your last job?

A skilled recruiter will successfully be able to list their steps in identifying and attracting top talent.

8. How do you typically structure your interviews?

Understanding how your candidate would structure and explain their reasoning behind it will enable you to see their thought processes and apply it to any future scenarios at your company.

9. What have you found to be the most important type of questions in an interview and why?

What they say as their answer isn’t important here. You should focus on the why. This will demonstrate their experience and understanding of identifying good candidates for a role.

10. Tell me about a time when you’ve had ideas for a role. How did you surface and present your ideas?

This question allows you to see if a candidate is innovative and also if they can communicate well. Understanding different personalities and being able to present your ideas is a skill that is sought after for a forward-thinking candidate.

Other types of Interview questions for a recruiter position that demonstrate experience in the field

These questions will give you insight into how much experience the candidate has in recruiting.

  1. What recruitment tools do you use for sourcing your candidates?
  2. Do you have a preferred ATS and why?
  3. What's your speciality in recruiting?
  4. What is the key to a successful recruiting process?
  5. Which industries have you recruited for? Who was the most challenging? And which industries did you feel well suited to?
  6. What is the strongest aspect of your recruitment process?
  7. Have you ever recruited on behalf of clients? Tell me about a time you’ve faced challenges when working with a client.
  8. What is your candidate sourcing strategy? Which platforms have you used to bring in the most applicants?
  9. How do you ensure a positive candidate experience?
  10. What metrics do you use to measure the success of your recruitment process?
  11. Have you worked with video interviewing? If so, what did you find advantageous with this type of recruitment software?
  12. What do you feel you need to improve on in your recruiting processes?
  13. How do you source your clients? Tell me how you develop a long-term relationship with them.
  14. What experience do you have with recruiting CRM software?
  15. Have you ever lost a strong candidate or client? Why did this happen, what did you learn from the experience?
  16. Do you keep up with recruiting trends? What do you do to stay informed?
  17. Talk about your start to end recruiting process. From sourcing to onboarding.
  18. How do you keep track of your candidate pool, in particular, how do you organise and handle large candidate pools?
  19. What difficulties/ challenges have you faced in the recruitment industry?
  20. Talk about a time when a desirable candidate rejected a job offer. What could have improved the situation?
  21. What do you find rewarding about being a recruiter?

Hire the right recruiter to attract the best candidates

To get a successful team you need to hire the right candidates. But hiring the best candidates has to derive from having the right recruiter!

Hiring someone who is passionate, caring about their candidates and experienced in the recruiting field will put your company in a strong position to succeed.

Recruiting recruiters can be tricky, as they will be familiar with your questions and tactics. Use a mix of situational and behavioural questions to identify which candidate has the right experience and characteristics to fit your role.

Finding specialist recruitment consultants

Reworking has a team of specialist recruitment consultants that actively work with our clients to advertise, screen, interview and places the right people within your organisation. Find out more here and join our network.

We hope you enjoyed this post on Interview questions for a recruiter position and found it useful. For more help on interviewing, see our post, Killer interview questions to ask employers.

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