How to run a pre recorded video interview

Pre recorded interviews are changing the recruitment landscape.

Technology has infiltrated many aspects of our lives, and this is especially true for recruiting. Recruiters who are now using video interviewing can assess interviewees' skill sets, personality traits, and interactions without face-to-face contact.

What is a pre recorded video interview?

Many recruiters will use pre recorded video interviews to combine stages 1-3 of the recruitment process in one go. This allows recruiters to save time, money, and resources, which is beneficial in today’s modern world.

How does a pre-record interview work?

A pre-recorded video interview is where the candidate records their job interview in advance. The footage is then sent and watched by the recruiters. It works by the candidates connecting to a platform sent via a link from the recruiter. Pre-recorded interviews are remotely recorded so the candidate can interview from the comfort and familiarity of their home.

Screening candidates

Screening candidates is now easier with video interviewing.

Phone calls and emails can be eliminated. All the recruiters need to do is send potential candidates a link to record their interviews.

Additionally, there is a high quality of interaction with video recordings rather than using phone or email to screen. Recruiters get a more true reflection of who the potential candidate is.

Interviewing candidates

reworking video interview how it works

reworking video interview how it works

Video interviews allow hiring managers a sense of the candidate's personality, even if they are not on site.

As each candidate is asked the same set of questions, making the hiring process is considered fairer and easier to make comparisons.

Video interviewing also opens up more opportunities for candidates.

Out of area candidates can apply to jobs via video interviewing. Also, people with disabilities have more access to the job market with remote working. All that is required is a good internet connection.

Tips for candidates with their pre recorded video interview

Below, we go over the best tips for candidates wanting to make the most out of their pre recorded video interview.

1. How to choose a good camera angle

When recording your video interview, you must get the camera angle right. The best position to place your camera is eye-level. This is to simulate how the recruiter would usually be sitting if in a face-to-face interview.

You should also consider what else would be in your shot.

Try to set up your camera angle with a clear or minimalist background. Either in front of a blank wall or a space with no background distractions. You want the recruiter focused on you, not what's around you.

Get a good camera position with a smartphone

If using a mobile phone, try to use a phone tripod. This will enable you to have more control and stability over the camera angle.

If you are using your smartphone but have no tripod, you can use a wide range of phone holders.

Getting a good camera angle with a webcam

Finding a good angle with a webcam to record your video interview is simple. As we mentioned above, place the camera at eye level, either by raising or lowering your seat or computer screen.

2. How to choose good lighting

Your lighting if done right, will make your video interview look sharp and professional. And you don't need to spend a fortune to create it.

Firstly, ensure your room has sufficient lighting.

The best way to get the lighting right is to face your light source. The best light source is natural daylight, so face your window if possible.

But if it's so bright your squinting, then move your position to a shaded area. While still facing the light head on to create a soft diffused light.

However, if this isn't possible you can always artificially create that natural daytime lighting. - Especially if recording your video interview at nighttime. (-Another perk for candidates!)

Use a large daytime bulb lamp and face it towards you as you record.

Another important lighting tip is to avoid having your back to a strong light source. This will cast a shadow on the front of you, leaving the recruiters will be unable to see your face.

3. How to get good sound

Remote Interviewing Software

Eliminate as much background noise as possible to get the best sound for your recording. Turn off any devices that could interrupt the recording. Close windows if there is loud outdoor noise. And even use a mic to get the crispest and clearest sound.

You could give the best answers, but if your recruiter can't hear your recording it will be all worthless. You don't want to waste your entire interview due to poor sound quality.

4. How to perform well in your interview

Before the interview set up your camera, lighting and sound and take a practice round. Check how you look, sound and what's visible in the background.

Practice round

Record yourself answering common interview questions and send them to a trusted person for feedback. You should prepare for your video interview just as thoroughly as you would for an in-person interview.

Follow the instructions properly

Your recruiter will include a setup and practice round to ensure you get the best recording. You must take the time to get this right.

Don't rush ahead thinking you know best by skipping this step. You may miss essential information that will go against you if you fail to correspond correctly.

If you do, it will tell the recruiter you don't follow instructions well, giving the recruiter a poor reflection of you.

Ensure you also read each interview question properly before answering. With some interview recordings, you may get the chance to go back and answer again. But some recruiters want to mimic as much of the traditional interview, so will take away the ability to re-answer.

Where to look when recording your interview?

Look at the camera lens on your recording device when giving your answers. This is to mimic making eye contact with the recruiter. When they watch your recording it will help the recruiter focus on you and feel a connection. -An extremely important factor during an interview, even when it's not face-to-face.

Body positioning

Answering questions out loud to yourself may feel awkward. But it's important to remember there will be someone watching on the other side. So while you're not directly talking to someone, maintain enthusiasm and confidence to make your video stand out.

Think about what you’re saying about yourself with your body language. We all send out signals about who we are by the way we hold ourselves. Be aware of how you come across and adapt it to give off your best message.

Sit up straight with chest forward and relaxed shoulders. This is a power position that exudes confidence. - Something your recruiters will certainly be looking for.

Show your personality

Woman thumbs up

While talking to a screen, you may easily slip into robot mode. But focus on showing your personality within your answers. Your recruiters will want to know who you are as a person and how you may fit into their team. So your character will be just as important as your answers.

5. How to end the pre recorded interview

At the end of the interview, take a moment to look into the lens, smile and thank the recruiter for this opportunity and how you're looking forward to hearing back from them.

This will finish off your pre recorded interview nicely while looking confident and grateful for the chance to apply.


Good luck!

Good luck with your pre recorded interview.

Remember that a pre recorded interview is just as advantageous for you as it is for the recruiter. There's no travelling, no waiting around in lobbies and reduced stress to the process, allowing you to perform better.

For more tips and advice on pre recorded interviews, take a look at our product here at Reworking.

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