Best hiring social media post examples

A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Social Media Hiring Post Examples

As the world of recruitment changes, so do the channels for recruitment. Today, social media platforms can be used to find prospective employees and post jobs more efficiently. Surprisingly, a huge 75% of employees found a job through social media.

Why Keep up-to-date with Social Media Hiring Practices?

Social media is a buzzword that is consistently trending in the business world. It is not just for personal use anymore; it has become an essential part of many businesses marketing strategies. The question becomes, how do you know if you're up-to-date with social media hiring practices?

In this article, we will discuss:

  • How social media has changed hiring practices
  • What are the benefits of social recruiting?
  • What traits to look for in your next social media manager for recruiting?
  • Tips for best hiring social media post examples

1.  How social media has changed hiring practices

Social media has changed the way we do things in many ways, and hiring is not an exception.

Employers can use social media as a way of evaluating candidates by their online profiles. This is to easily see if they have the skills that are necessary for the position or not.

Additionally, candidates can now use social media to showcase their skills, which enables them to get hired more easily than before.

Candidates can even use social media to check out a prospective employer.

The result is that hiring managers are increasingly relying on social media for recruiting purposes. This is a shift from traditional practices and it has created new challenges for both job seekers and employers alike.


2.  What are the benefits of social recruiting?

Social media recruiting is a new and innovative way to find candidates. It provides an opportunity for recruiters to see the candidate’s personality type. Rather than just looking at their resume. Social media also allows recruiters to be more personal with candidates and really get to know them as people. A list of these benefits includes:

Improved connections

Social media recruitment has been gaining traction over time. It allows employers to have more personal interactions with potential employees. Which can lead to more open conversations.

Reach passive job seekers

Passive job seekers are typically people who are already employed but in an unhappy work environment. They’re not actively looking for opportunities, but they would consider one if the opportunity presents itself.

Social recruiting is a process where companies can use social media platforms to reach passive job seekers. It is a cost-effective way for companies to find candidates.

The benefits of social recruiting are that it’s fast, easy, and cost-effective. Up to 80% of employers said that social recruiting helped them find passive candidates.

Easy candidate searching

Social recruiting also allows companies to target specific groups of people. This is possible because these networks have an extensive database of people and access to their social media profiles. This feature provides a way to connect with the most relevant candidates for a given job opening.

Reduce time and cost per hire

Social recruiting allows companies to find qualified candidates through social media platforms, which saves time and resources.

It’s easier to hire candidates on social media than on other channels, enabling you to fill positions faster.

For example, it is cheaper to advertise on social media than using job boards. Social media brings in much higher quality candidates and speeds up the hiring process too. Job seekers rank social media professional networks higher in usefulness than job boards, job ads, recruiting agencies and recruiting events.

Hire high-quality candidates

Due to the ability to reach passive and active candidates, social media helps to find high-quality candidates.

Paid social press ads will get you the best people. They help recruiters find just the right people to fit their company culture.

A targeted approach to recruitment enables recruiters to engage with the right people who are more likely to apply. They understand and match the company culture, so you'll get better quality applicants.

Showcase your employer branding

Great candidates will review an employer's brand before applying for a role. They will check the company website, news stories and even social media profiles! This can be an effective way for candidates to evaluate the company branding and decide if it's right for them.

Disadvantages of social recruiting

The disadvantages of social recruiting are that potential candidates may not be aware of the company or application.

There is a lack of data on the candidate that may cause issues later in the process. For example, with the exception of LinkedIn, many candidates don’t share any of their professional information and skills on a social profile.

3.  What traits to look for in your next social media manager for recruiting?

Social media managers are in demand these days. This is due to a growing number of companies using social media for hiring and marketing. There are a lot of things to look for in a social media manager before hiring them.

The first thing is their experience with the company's industry and content. Having an understanding of the company's market, products or services and how to promote them on different channels.

The second thing to look for is their personality type. You want someone who can work well with others and act as a member of the team. Whilst having good communication skills with both customers and colleagues.

The third thing to look for is their work ethic and responsiveness. You want someone who is available and who is committed to improving their skills.


4.  Tips for best hiring social media post examples

There is no doubt that social media has become an integral part of the recruitment process. It is a great way to find quality candidates and get them to apply for your job openings.

But it takes a lot of time and effort to find the right people on social media. That's why you need to follow these tips:

Create a strong social branding to attract top tier candidates

Social media is the new way of doing business. It is a way for companies to get their products, services and culture out there for potential employees to see.  It also provides a way for top tier candidates to find a company that they would be interested in working at.

To attract top tier candidates, you need an active social media presence that shows off your company’s culture and values.

Create a strong, specific profile with a clear mission and vision statement. This will attract like-minded people who are likely to be interested in your company and work culture


Use company-specific hashtags so your company can be found by potential candidates.

Latest Trends

It’s also important to make sure your company’s social media is optimized for the latest technologies. If you want to be seen as a leader, then you need to embrace the latest trends.

Regular posting schedule

Post content regularly so that potential candidates can see what you are up to. Candidates can then see a company's culture and goals. This sets the candidate up for success for a formal interview.

Search for candidates

Utilize LinkedIn to find qualified candidates

Work to your needs

Develop a hiring process that takes into account your company's current needs and preferred work style. This communicates clearly to potential candidates how your company operates and will attract like-minded individuals.

This includes ensuring that your social profiles are easy to use and within reach of all recruiters.

How to write effective social media posts for hiring

When posting a job opening on social media, don't think of it as just another job post. Each job post is an opportunity to share your brand and tell potential employees more about the company.

A social media post should be concise, informative, and engaging. It should be written for the audience that you are targeting and it should include a call to action.

The best way to write a social media post about your company’s hiring process is by including:

- A brief introduction of the company or organization

- A list of what they are looking for in potential candidates

- The link to the job listing on their website or other platforms

Basic content elements for your hiring post

  • Make it visual with a picture, video or gif, (best when showing your team's faces). This will lead to more engagement.
  • Clearly state a job promotion. E.g. “Join our team” or “We’re hiring” in big bold lettering.
  • Put job title, location, skills and qualifications needed, salary and working hours required.
  • Give application details. (Where to apply and deadline).
  • Redirect to the website with a link for more info.
  • Include a CTA with “join us now” or “apply now”
  • Highlight job benefits.
  • Publish social posts asap not to delay the recruitment process.


Conclusion & Resources

Social media is an extremely important marketing tool. It can be a great platform for promoting a business, product, or service.

Companies creating hiring posts to attract top talent have experienced tremendous success.  To think more about your employer branding and reputation among your social media audience you should focus on your candidate experience.


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