Benefits of mobile recruiting

A huge 90% of job seekers use mobile in their job search. To gain a competitive advantage in the job market, it’s vital for you to incorporate mobile in your recruiting process.

How can mobile recruiting help organisations find the best candidates?

As Technological innovation continues to grow, companies are recognising the benefits of recruiting on their own terms.  There has been a massive increase in mobile recruiting. Increased global reach provides more opportunities for job seekers and higher quality of talent for employers.

With a flexible cost model and straightforward process of use, organisations are using mobile recruiting to ensure access to candidates who stand out.

In this blog post, we’ll take a deep dive into the benefits of mobile recruiting.

What is mobile recruiting?

There has been a sharp rise in the use of mobiles in recruiting. This is due to the growing opportunity for connection between candidates and recruiters.

A huge 89% of job seekers claim their mobiles are an important resource for their job search!

So what is mobile recruiting?

Mobile recruiting is when mobile technology is used to attract, engage and select candidates for a job opening.

Recruiters use mobiles for text messaging, mobile career sites, mobile recruiting apps and social recruiting. We are sure to see the landscape of mobile recruiting expand even further than this in the near future.

What are the top benefits of mobile recruiting?

Recruiters who are switching to communicating with candidates on their preferred tool of choice are climbing to the top of the leader board.

This is why mobile recruiting has been identified as one of the top benefits for companies.

The rise of mobile phones has allowed easier communication and access to more candidates.  This is especially important for reaching generations Y, Z and beyond.

Capture more applicants

When a job posting is mobile-friendly, more candidates will apply for a role. This is because they can take immediate action without needing to get up and move to their desktop. It’s important to encourage candidates to initiate an application when they have the opportunity so they don’t lose interest. The best way to do this is to ensure your job application is mobile-compatible.

Speeds up the application process

Candidates can fill out applications much more quickly with mobile-friendly time-to-fill metrics. Mobile recruiting can also include push notifications and automated messaging systems. These help to move the candidate through the application process faster.

Showcasing Your Employer Brand

One of the biggest social recruiting campaigns we’ve witnessed is the Snapchat recruitment campaign by Mcdonald's. 

Their recruitment strategy ran entirely on social media, (specifically Snapchat) targeting youths to get part-time jobs at Mcdonald's. Prior to their campaign, their goal was to attract more youths to work at Mcdonald's and shake its image as an ‘uncool’ place to work.

Employer branding is an exceptionally powerful tool for recruiters. When recruiters incorporate mobile recruiting into their hiring strategies they are sending a powerful message to candidates about their brand. – They’re current, easy to communicate with and innovative. Qualities many candidates will appreciate and look for in an employer.

Saving costs

Mobile recruiting is highly favoured because of its high cost-saving opportunities. By directly connecting you to large candidate pools, you can still reach high talent candidates without the costly expense of a recruiter or recruiting agency.

Saving time

Many mobile recruiting apps automate job advertisements and even automate the shortlisting process. This saves incredible amounts of precious time that can be better spent on other areas of the recruitment process. Such as the interviewing stage!

Text messaging

Text messaging has changed the way organisations can recruit. The convenience and instantaneous communication with texting has allowed recruiters to dramatically improve the candidate experience. Additionally, using SMS is much faster and cheaper than running large recruitment campaigns through agencies and job boards.

Social recruiting

Social recruiting is recruiting through social media platforms. Recruiters will advertise jobs, recruit candidates and connect with potential employees through these platforms.

A recent study found that 92% of employers use social media platforms to find suitable candidates. This is even the new go-to option for finding candidates for many recruiters. - Ranking even higher as a preferred recruitment strategy to job boards, ads and employee referrals!

There are different ways to recruit on social media to make it successful. As well as sharing your job opening on the company's social profile, you can encourage your employees and followers to share that post too.

Stay tuned, as we will soon write a blog post on different social media recruitment strategies.

Video recruiting

Next, we turn our heads to the convenience of video recruiting, and the crucial part that mobiles play in its success.

Video recruiting is a remarkable tool for recruitment as it enables global recruiting from the convenience of the candidate's own home. Employers have been able to source a higher calibre of talent through remote working, with all that possible through video recruiting.

Many recruiters using the video interviewing apps heavily rely on mobile options. This makes viewing, sharing and responding to candidates' interviews easier and quicker. Rather than needing to wait until they’re at home or the office to view the footage on a desktop.

With that being said, many candidates have successfully been able to record their video interviews easily on their mobiles. With camera and microphone quality on smartphones improving considerably, it can often outweigh the camera quality of a laptop webcam.


What are the top benefits of using mobile recruiting to connect with passive candidates?

Mobile recruiting enables companies to connect with passive candidates, which is a tactic many major corporations have used to join the digital revolution. When it comes to talent acquisition, organisations are increasingly focusing on blended recruitment approaches.

Increased productivity is achieved by recruiting on mobile

With smartphone apps, job creation happens at a much faster pace. Recruiting mobile apps allow recruiters to find candidates to interview quickly.

Recruiters are also finding that their social recruiting allows them to have a more in-depth candidate experience and engagement.


Summary of the value in mobile recruiting

As a successful recruiter, there are more ways to improve your mobile recruiting.

  1. Optimise your website. – This is so that your potential candidates can view your website and everything they’ll want access to on their mobile phones.
  2. Improve the company branding with a mobile optimised website. – If your website looks poor on mobile, you can be sure it will damage your reputation.
  3. Mobile recruitment improves candidate engagement.
  4. Mobile recruitment extends to social recruiting- a new and successful tool for communicating and reaching candidates.
  5. A growing number of candidates use mobiles in their job hunting.
  6. Connect directly with Younger generations penetrating the job market.
  7. Expand your reach and gain a wider target audience.
  8. Recruiters can post jobs on the go, view job statuses and communicate with candidates wherever and whenever on mobile.
  9. With mobile, candidates can be found much more easily, and communicated with easier- enabling the focus of recruiters to move onto more important stages.
  10. Video interviewing and the benefits of remote interviews are made easier and more effective with mobile.


While you still may be hesitant to begin your mobile recruiting journey, consider that your competition has already.

Connect with your candidates, interact with them throughout their journey via text, and showcase your company as best as you can. It can make all the difference between your top candidates choosing you, or your competition.

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