Automated Recruitment Software

Due to the convenience, speed and ease, we are witnessing a sharp rise in using automated recruitment software.

As the demand for top talent grows, recruitment teams are making the switch to implementing this tool.

What is Automated Recruitment Software?

Automated recruitment software is becoming a staple in the HR industry, as it helps companies to save time and money on hiring.

It's an effective AI software used to source candidates, screen candidates and build talent pools. As well as enabling recruiters to attract, vet and hire their candidates automatically.

RecruitmentWhy recruitment automation is important

Recruitment software saves you time by managing your recruiting process from the vacancy announcement to interview scheduling.

These platforms help to make quick decisions about candidates, by offering insights into their backgrounds before you move forward with an interview. In addition, they also help automate your hiring process by streamlining processes, synchronizing with other platforms, and promoting your jobs across many different channels - all from one place.

This hands-off approach frees up your recruitment team to focus their attention on authentically engaging with top candidates and strengthening your company image.

Let's look at these benefits in more detail:

1. Central workplace:

Recruitment automation streamlines the recruitment process and stores all the relevant information into the main database frame. Enabling recruiters to easily find candidate matches based on specific searches. Allowing more time for recruiters to work with candidates on a personal level.

2. Improved quality of hire:

Businesses using automated recruitment software see an improvement in the qualities of their hire for the ideal candidate.

Elmosoftware has noted that that the hire metrics measured are based on:

  • employee engagement
  • employee retention
  • cultural fit
  • job performance
  • time to fill a new vacancy
  • hiring satisfaction (how happy managers are with their new hires)

However, these metrics are only accurately measured if recruiters integrate their recruitment software with onboarding and performance management software.

 3. Better Candidate Experience:

Automation improves the candidate experience by finding applications quickly and sending automated communication. (Such as informing unsuccessful candidates they didn't get the role or vice versa). An otherwise long, tiring and drawn-out task for recruiters to do manually. Which would result in the candidates waiting longer for communication throughout many stages of the recruitment process.

4. Going paperless:

Forget about the piles of paper storage and stacks of files for your office. Automated recruitment software enables HR teams to go paperless and track everything necessary through the application.

5. Streamline all the candidate data collection:

Usually, HR managers would keep most of their candidates' names, contact details, resumes and notes in a computer file. However, this is a security risk, especially across shared devices.

By utilizing automated recruitment software, all this data can be stored in a central secure cloud. As well as having the ability to integrate various platforms and tools into the software. Imagine if tools such as onboarding, payroll, performance management platforms and even learning tools were all connected?  They would be able to speak to one another, send updates and information effortlessly.

6. Reporting and analytics:

With Automated recruitment software, reporting and analytics are tracked. This makes it easier for recruiters to see many different things that can be modified to improve the hiring process.

For example, they can tell how long the hiring process is on average and manage candidates' expectations. Or they can see particular demographics of successful candidates and know what to look out for in future candidates.

7. Eliminate scheduling errors

Gone are the headaches recruiters have with trying to arrange and schedule interviews with candidates. By automating this step in the hiring process there are no errors with overlap and miscommunication.

8. Improve employer brand

Due to all of the previous benefits mentioned in this section, it results in the employer brand strengthening and improving their reputation.

What sort of businesses can benefit from automated recruitment software?

It is tempting to think that automated recruitment software is only for large companies with big budgets. But in reality, even startups can use this technology if they are willing to invest in the right systems at the right time.

Automated recruitment software is an easy way for startups to find the right person for their company. It takes away the need for people to spend hours of their day searching for candidates online.

Hours that are precious to businesses of any size.

What things can be automated in the recruitment process

The recruitment process is a fairly time-consuming and costly affair for any company as they have to find suitable candidates, review their resumes, and conduct interviews to assess the suitability of the candidates. Automated recruitment software eliminates these steps by using a variety of algorithms that identify suitable candidates with minimal human intervention.

Automated recruitment software is capable of doing many things that human recruiters would normally do. Such as pre-screening applicants, sifting through resumes, and scheduling interviews.

It can even be used by companies to screen out unqualified candidates before the interview process.

With the benefits of automated recruitment software, employers can fast-track their hiring process without compromising on quality.


Difference between automated and manual recruitment

Automated recruitment software is not a replacement for human recruiters. Instead, it is a tool that will save recruiters time and money. Giving them more time to focus on the important aspects of the hiring process, such as refining the job description and interacting with candidates.

With manual recruitment, the recruiter has to put time and effort into each process covered by the automated recruitment software. Thus, extending the length of time spent on each of these areas individually.

Potential downsides of automated recruitment

The use of automated recruitment software will have a negative impact on the performance of some aspects of HR. Recruiters will find it difficult to understand the nuances of a candidate if they rely on a machine to match them with a job.

One of these downfalls is where perfectly viable candidates are being rejected due to the automated filtering of job applicants. An example of this is prevalent in who states that candidates with longer than 6 months in their employment history are being rejected without ever being asked why.

Another potential downside is when recruiters input specific descriptions of skills into the software. - It's often the case that, the candidates don't have this exact phrasing so they'll automatically get rejected.

Recruiters end up missing out on a huge section of suitable candidates!


Best way to use video interviewing for automation

Video job interviews are more accessible and inclusive of people. Including those with disabilities, long-distance applicants and passive job searchers. Which the latter typically only have time for a job interview outside of their working hours.

Video interviews help recruiters to better understand who their candidates are. While also helping recruiters see how well a candidate can communicate and express themselves through their tone and body language.

Recruiters can quickly review multiple applications and even set up job interviews on short notice.

In addition to that, these interviews can be recorded and watched at a later date which saves recruiters' time. While simultaneously reducing the time spent recruiting new employees.

When integrating a video interviewing tool with automated recruitment software, recruiters can rely on a more streamlined and much shorter hiring process.

Reworking video interviewing tool

Reworking is an automated one-way video interviewing tool.

How does Reworking work?

Through the job application online, a link can be sent to candidates to use the Reworking one-way video interviewing app. This link opens up the specific job interview, with instructions on how to record and set up your job interview. Candidates will record themselves answering the interview questions and when complete, the video gets automatically sent to the recruiter. Candidates are supplied with a video recording tutorial and a practice round before sending the video interview off.

The automation features of the Reworking app save recruiters and candidates valuable time. The automation feature continues by sending candidates a message to update them on their application status. All the recruiters need to do is hit successful or unsuccessful on their end of the app once the interview was recorded.



The Recruitment process is one of the most important stages in HR. It is an opportunity to change the company's future. The stakes are high, but at the same time, there are some problems that are better solved with the help of automation.

As the world of recruitment is changing, it's becoming more and more important to find cost-effective solutions for your company. Automated recruitment software can be a way to save time and money, as well as improve hires and the process in general.


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