What you need to know about automated interview software

Are you looking for automated interview software? From this blog post, you’ll be able to decide what functions and features you want from an automated interview software tool to help your recruitment process. 

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How does automated interview software work?

Automated interview software is becoming an influential tool in the workplace. Many companies use it to screen potential candidates for their open positions.

Video interviewing tools are much like the more traditional methods of interviewing, but it speeds up the process by removing the recruiter's need to be available in person.

The automated interview process works in a number of ways and is typically broken into three stages: preparation, conducting, and analysis.

The preparation stage involves selecting questions from a list or database and uploading them to a platform.

The interviewee then logs in to the platforms and answers each question one-by-one while being recorded on their phone camera or desktop webcam.

The information gathered at this stage can be accessed later for review by hiring managers or recruiters who then accept or reject candidates.


What type of questions are asked?

Interviews are usually face-to-face interactions that involve questions to determine a candidate’s suitability for a position. Automated interview software is not capable of this, so it relies best on behavioural-based interview questions.

Interviewers often ask behavioural-based interview questions to assess how well candidates would fit the company culture and perform in their job. behavioural-based interview questions are growing in popularity because it has been shown to be successful in predicting job performance.

Behavioural-based interview questions help the interviewer to identify the job seeker's skills and personality traits that will be relevant for their work and most relevant to the company culture.

The interviewer focuses on the behaviour of the candidate, which is more indicative of what kind of person they are and what kind of worker they’ll be.


What are the advantages of using automated video interview software?

1. Saves time

The most obvious advantage of using automated interview software is that it saves a lot of time.

Interviewing candidates can be exhausting and time-consuming. Interviews also require a lot of effort to keep track of candidate responses and records, which can be an issue for HR staff members. This is even without mentioning the typical candidate no-shows!

Automated interview software tackles these issues by providing HR professionals with a simple system that is easy to use. It's a great way for businesses to filter through the huge number of applicants in the hiring process to find the best person for the job.

It eliminates the need to conduct an interview, take notes, and type up the information. With this technology, companies can quickly get a sense of a candidate’s personality and work ethic without the hassle of having to interview them live.

Many employers are using automated interviews software because it saves them time and money. It minimizes the chance for errors and provides them with insights about their candidates before they even get an interview.

2. Easy Reviewing

Interviewee responses are also recorded and saved for future reference. This way, if an employer wants to revisit an applicant’s answers at a later date they can do so very easily. This is especially useful when looking at applicants from several years ago because you may not remember how you felt about their interviews in hindsight.

3. Convenient for candidates

Many people are not confident enough to apply for a position that they are interested in because they don't have the time to attend the interviews.

Video interview software is programmed to ask questions in the sequence that it needs to know about the candidate, so it's quite easy to answer them all from the convenience of their own home.

What are the disadvantages of using automated video interview software?

1. Fear of replacing the human element in recruitment

Automated interview software makes it possible to conduct interviews without a human interviewer. For many recruiters and candidates, this is seen as a negative aspect of using this type of technology.

With the advancement in digital technologies, many of us fear the replacement of human interaction for automation.

However, it is important to note that automated interview software does not replace human recruiters, it just screens potential candidates. So instead, it should be used as a tool to help find more qualified candidates with the same skill set as those you are looking for.

What are some things you cannot do with automated interview software?

Automated interview software is not without its flaws.

We found that automated interview software is more catered for administration related questions. It's not so effective for creative parts of a job interview such as steering the conversation or assessing interpersonal skills as the interview takes place.

However, recruiters can tweak questions to get the best out of the software.

Interviewers can use some typical "set phrases" when it comes to asking questions, which makes this type of software really useful for them.

For example, "tell me about yourself", "describe a typical day at work/school", and "what would you do if ...". These phrases get your interviewee talking and help guide them in the direction you want their story to go in.

How to get and install automated interview software?

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Interviewing is one of the most labour-intensive tasks for a recruiter. However, there are many companies that offer automated interview software to help recruiters save time and improve their efficiency in the process.

There are a number of ways to get automated interview software.

The first option is to take a professional development course. These courses will provide you with everything that you need in order to be able to produce quality content.

However, this would be costly and use up valuable time. Not to mention a huge sunk cost if the employer with the skill decides to leave the company.

Otherwise, a more convenient option is to buy the automated interview software from a reputable website or company. You'll receive all the tools that you need in order to create a successful interview for your website, app, or blog.

Companies that use automated interview software

Here at Reworking, we pride ourselves on providing automated interview software that fits all our client's needs.

Our list of customers includes The Celtic Manor Resort, TXO Systems, Endurance Vehicle Solutions, The Alacrity Foundation, Wesley Clover and the Welsh Government.

You'll also find global companies have made the switch to automated interview software too. Big names such as IKEA, Volkswagen, KraftHeinz and Unilever are proud to be innovators using automated interview software in their recruiting process.

With the lockdowns and social distancing imposed on us over the last year, we are sure to see the use of digital technology increase in the near future.

What is the cost of automated interview software?

The cost of automated interview software varies depending on a few factors.

The type of automated interview software, the number of interviews that need to be recorded, and the complexity of your interview process are all factors that impact the cost.

The cost for automated interview software fluctuates depending on the company or agency using it, but it typically costs from just under £100 up to £500 per month. 

There are many cost-saving benefits to using automated interview software in the long run that your recruiting team will benefit from.

The first being, to simply save time by allowing companies to schedule interviews more efficiently and quickly.

Recruiters can also rewatch interview footage to make a more informed decision on which candidate is the most suitable.

Reworking Pricing

Candidate feedback sharing

With Reworking, we have simple, honest pricing broken down into 3 categories to find the most suitable pricing plan for your needs. These mainly depend on your company size, how often you'll recruit for new openings and how many applications you'll expect from one role.

Price option 1:

Starter Pack from an affordable £25 a month.

This is the ideal small business pack to introduce automated interviews without the hefty price tag draining resources unnecessarily.

This includes:

  • 3 Administrator accounts
  • 3 Active jobs
  • Up to 60 Applications
  • Shortlist, Accept & Decline
  • Welcome videos
  • View CV
  • Upload company logo
  • Interview timer

Price option 2:

Business package from £79 per month.

This is great for medium-size businesses that are scaling fast! While including all the starter pack features, the  business package also includes:

  • 5 Administrator accounts
  • 10 Active jobs
  • Up to 300 Applications
  • Background checks
  • Shareable candidate profiles
  • Screening questions
  • Connect ATS
  • Internal comments
  • 20GB video storage

Price option 3:

The premium package from £159 per month.

This is great for large companies, who are hiring constantly across a range of departments simultaneously.

As well as including all features from price options 1 and 2 this package includes:

  • 8 Administrator accounts
     (Additional users £15 each/month)
  • 20 Active jobs
     (Additional jobs £10 each /month)
  • Unlimited applications
  • Customisable candidate journey
  • Bespoke integrations
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Technical support
  • Unlimited storage
  • Team onboarding

For more information on the Reworking pricing, click the direct link here: Reworking Pricing.


Whether you're deciding if automated recruitment software should be incorporated into your hiring process or not consider this:

Your interview scheduling will be more streamlined and no time hiring managers time will be wasted on no shows.

You'll improve your time to hire speed as asynchronous video interviews enable you to screen a large volume of candidates in a short space of time.

Your virtual interview process will be viewed positively. As candidates see companies using video interviewing tools as being more 'innovative' and current.

When searching for automated interview software you should check the following basic functions:

1. How many job applications can the platform cater to?

2. How many job postings can the platform hold interviews for?

3. How convenient is it to customize the interview question packs?

4. How many administrative accounts can be held on the platform?

5. How much storage is available on the platform?

6. Can the platform run background checks on behalf of the recruiters?

While many automated recruiting apps will have more or sometimes less function than in this list, ensure you have exactly what features you need within your chosen platform.

If you have any more questions about our Reworking app and how we can automate your interview process, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

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